Zoom Documentation

Adding the App

Automata’s Zoom App serves as a bridge to Zoom for existing customers. To add the Zoom app, first contact hello@mb-zoom.com. Our team will send out a contract and a questionnaire about your desired features and configuration. Finally, you will authorize Zoom and Mindbody using a link our team will provide.


Our service can peacefully co-exist with non-zoom (physical) classes on Mindbody. The MB Link app creates Zoom meetings to mirror your livestream enabled classes, and then manages these meetings to keep them in sync with your Mindbody data (such as updating instructor).

Optionally, MB Link can also assist with class recording management. When enabled for your site, we monitor our “managed” meetings. After a recorded class finishes, MB Link will update the recording settings and then email out a link to the recording to all enrolled clients. MB Link will sign in clients who watch the class recording. Zoom also provides analytics for recording viewers, who are registered on demand using their Mindbody email address.

Note: Your Zoom account can continue to be used for non-Mindbody meetings – our service only interacts with meetings it created.

Removing the app

Remove the Zoom app does not trigger an automatic contract cancellation. To cancel your contract, email support@mb-zoom.com. Contracts are month-to-month with no long-term lock in.

To remove the Zoom App

  1. Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.
  2. Click Manage » Added Apps
  3. Click the “Automata MB Link for Zoom” app
  4. Click Remove.


See our FAQ.